Global Giant Technology Co., Ltd., is an
established automotive aftermarket
manufacturing enterprise.
Headquartered in Taiwan and at the
forefront of technological
advancements, we are strategically
expanding in the aftermarket of
essential automotive parts. Specializing
in engine valves, V-belts, and timing
belts, our state-of-the-art
manufacturing facilities in China set
industry standards for quality and
Our Mission
Responding to global shifts, we are
concentrating on
expansion in the aftermarket of
essential automotive parts,
including timing belts, V-belts,
and engine valves. Our commitment
to quality, innovation, and
adaptability meets the evolving
needs of the automotive industry.
Our Services
Product Our production space is approximately 10,000 square meters and has advanced production equipment and testing equipment. Our Timing Belts, V-Belts and Engine Valves sell well in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Central America and South America. We enjoy an excellent reputation among our customers both at home and abroad. Description for Image
Global Trade Global Giant has a comprehensive network that includes global partnerships and extensive experience, facilitating active involvement in international trade for diverse auto parts such as timing chain kits.
Consulting We offer International Trade Consultancy, including expo attendance, supplier and client connections, translation services, and business scheduling. We streamline global business interactions and planning for efficiency and success.
Each product undergoes a series of exhaustive inspections, both comprehensive and randomized, to ensure an unparalleled standard of excellence in the finished goods. Our portfolio is extensive, currently encompassing more than 1,000 proprietary molds, and is continuously being expanded to meet the evolving needs of our clientele.
We prioritize stringent quality requirements in every facet of our operation. Utilizing only premium-grade raw materials sourced directly from vetted suppliers, we adhere to meticulous quality control protocols throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.
Our dedication to unparalleled quality and performance is evident from the raw materials to the finished product. We start by sourcing only the finest-grade raw materials, procured exclusively from suppliers that meet our rigorous quality standards. This ensures that the foundational elements of our V- belts are robust and durable, setting the stage for a high-performing end product.