Global Giant Technology Co., Ltd. offers a comprehensive catalog of over 10,000 Original Equipment (OE) SKUs, serving diverse sectors including automotive, motorcycle, light-duty, heavy-duty, and industrial applications. Leveraging advanced automated production and testing equipment, our highly skilled technical team ensures rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Each unit is stringently tested at multiple stages to meet and exceed industry standards, affirming our commitment to excellence.
Our manufacturing facilities have invested substantially in state-of-the-art
production methods that place us at the forefront of the industry, outpacing
many of our competitors. A key highlight of our production process is the
incorporation of fully automatic robotic arms, which have been meticulously
programmed to execute tasks with unparalleled precision.
Timing Belt
We specialize in the production of HNBR and CR timing belts. Our commitment to quality is proven through rigorous testing and alignment with global brands. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we provide flexibility, precision, and a reliable supply to meet the automotive industry's diverse needs.
Our focus on quality extends to our EPDM multi-chip and CR V-belts also under TS16949 standards. Crafted to rival international brands in quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness, our V-belts are developed with cutting-edge technology and meticulous testing to support the automotive industry's performance and efficiency requirements.
Engine Valve

Our engine valves epitomize our focus on quality and innovation. Manufactured under TS16949 standards with advanced automation, they benefit from a rigorous management system. To stay at the forefront of engine valve technology, we collaborate with key industry partners, including Wuhan Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute and leading European and Japanese companies.